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The Hamilton Review

Nov 17, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Bob welcomes Dr. Tracy Zaslow to the show. Dr. Zaslow talks all about concussions in children, including what to do, how to treat a concussion and the proper way to heal and resume normal activity. Parents, this episode is for you and contains critical information as children play sports and navigate through their daily life. Don't miss this important conversation!

Tracy Zaslow, MD, is the director of the Sports Concussion Program and medical director of the Sports Medicine Program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. She is Board-Certified in pediatrics, and also fellowship- trained, with board certification in sports medicine. She currently as an academic appointment as Assistant Professor at University of Southern California. Her clinical interests include a spectrum of orthopedic and medical conditions affecting young athletes, including sports-related concussion, overuse injuries and injury prevention. She is also engaged in research projects to explore these topics further.

Dr. Zaslow, a team physician for the L.A. Galaxy soccer team, understands the goals and challenges faced by young athletes because, like her patients, she grew up playing sports and still remains active in tennis, volleyball, running, hiking, yoga, skiing and much more.

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