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The Hamilton Review

Jan 5, 2021

In this conversation, Dr. Bob has a meaningful conversation with Barak Lurie, father of three, author, radio show host and lawyer. Barak talks extensively about the importance of fatherhood, including how critical it is to discuss world topics with your children before they are exposed to it in school and outside of the home. Dr. Bob and Barak also talk about the magnitude of having children, raising them in a loving, respectful way and a whole lot more. Don't miss this great episode!
BARAK LURIE is the managing partner of the firm Lurie & Seltzer in Los Angeles. Barak obtained his BA with honors from Stanford University and his JD and MBA from the UCLA School of Law and Anderson School of Business. He is the host of the Barak Lurie Show, Sunday mornings on AM870 (KRLA) in Los Angeles. 

Barak authored Atheism KIlls, an instant #1 best-seller about the dangers of godlessness. His second book, "Rise of the Sex Machines," about how godlessness is destroying relationships, also became a #1 bestseller. He has since become the "go-to" speaker about the dangers of a world without God. His new book, second his Atheism Kills series, is Atheism Destroys, coming out in early December, 2020. It focuses on how godlessness destroys the pillars of civilization, such as justice, country, marriage, free speech and family. 

Barak's radio show and articles, podcasts, and speeches have impacted scores of listeners. Barak is a passionate advocate for our Judeo-Christian civilization. He has served on numerous boards, most notably PragerU and Stand With Us. He’s also an avid mountain biker, father, and pro-Israel advocate. He and his wife Stacey live with their three children in Los Angeles.

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