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The Hamilton Review

Apr 13, 2021

In this episode, Dr. Bob welcomes the CEO and co-founder of Ready, Set, Food! Daniel Zakowski to the Hamilton Review. Daniel shares about his background as an entrepreneur and then talks about the mission of his company, Ready, Set, Food!
The company launched in 2018 with a vision to make it easy for all parents to frequently feed allergens to their baby. Ready, Set, Set, Food! has also recently been featured on Shark Tank - don't miss this important and great episode for parents!
Daniel Zakowski is a serial entrepreneur and started one of his first businesses during college selling latex gloves to dentists and doctors.  He eventually grew the business to supply a complete line of dental consumable products, and reached a peak revenue of $10M.  He has also worked with top CPG brands at the Wonderful Company and received an MBA from UCLA. He and his wife Jackie have 3 children, with their youngest happily using Ready, Set, Food! He is CEO and co-founder of Ready, Set, Food!
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