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The Hamilton Review

Dec 29, 2020

In this conversation, Dr. Bob has a meaningful discussion with Estela De Wulf about in depth parenting strategies to support your child. She provides helpful information about guiding your child through this tumultuous time of on line learning and spending more time than ever before away from their normal school environment. Estela is a Positive Discipline parent educator with Roots & Wings, an Institute of Social and Emotional Learning based in Malibu, CA. 
This is a must listen episode friends. Estela has a wealth of knowledge for parents, during this unprecedented time.
Estela De Wulf is a Positive Discipline parent educator certified by the Association of Positive Discipline. Her courses and workshops of Parenting with Positive Discipline are solidly based on research based psychology concepts and principles while at the same time offering tools of immediate and effective practical use. She is also a Life and Parenting Coach, working individually with parents in creating plans and support systems that meet each family’s reality and specific needs.
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