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The Hamilton Review

Jan 18, 2022

Join us for the latest episode of The Hamilton Review Podcast! In this conversation, Dr. Bob sits down with Joseph Anfuso, founder of Forward Edge, a Christ-centered relief and development organization partnering with God to transform lives through international children’s programs, mission teams and practical training.

Joseph shares his incredibly moving personal story and then he talks about the wonderful work that Forward Edge is doing to help children all over the world.

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Joseph Anfuso bio:

Joseph Anfuso is the Founder of Forward Edge, an international relief and development organization based in Vancouver, Washington. A native New Yorker, Joseph has been living on the West Coast since 1977. After graduating from Rutgers College in 1970, Joseph traveled extensively, including a motorcycle trip from Athens to London and an overland journey to India. Over the years, he has visited more than 60 foreign countries: leading short-term mission teams, pioneering new ministry locations, and providing encouragement and support to Forward Edge field staff.

Joseph is also the author of several books, including Message in a Bodya memoir based on his early life, travels, and eventual conversion to Christianity. His latest book, The Best Story of Your Lifeexplores many of the driving principles of Joseph's personal walk with God and the ministry of Forward Edge. 

Joseph and his wife of 43 years, Karen, have three grown children and eight grandchildren--  all girls!

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