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The Hamilton Review

Apr 30, 2020

Karyn McLaughlin Frist (KK) wrote her first book, LOVE U, DADDY BOY in 2006 . It is a collection of stories written by women who love their fathers. BUT I WASHED MY HANDS was written to raise money for the Tennessee tornado relief fund. The subject of washing hands was a result of one of her grandson’s teachers, who inspired his class to sing while washing their hands and the result of the COVID-19 spread.

She has 3 sons, 3 daughter in laws and will soon have 9 grandchildren. She lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Karyn is an avid golfer and gardener and enjoys entertaining her family and friends.
In this episode Karyn and Dr. Bob talk about the two books she has written, including her inspiration for writing "But I Washed My Hands."
Proceeds of the books will be donated to the Middle Tennessee Community Foundation for Tornado Relief and to COVID-19.
You can follow her on and on Instagram

About the illustrator:
Tricia Lowenfield (YaYa) is an artist/designer whose style is best known as whimsical European folk art . She is married to an Anglican Bishop and has 3 grown daughters, 2 son in laws and 3 little granddaughters. She has written and illustrated 5 children’s books . Tricia lives in Houston, Texas. Her work can be found at and you can follow her on Instagram

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