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The Hamilton Review

Aug 31, 2021

In this episode of the Hamilton Review, Dr. Bob has a great discussion with Marissa Streit, the CEO of Prager University. Marissa shares about her background, how she came to be CEO and the important role that Prager University has in the world. Don't miss this great conversation!

A Los Angeles native, Marissa moved to Israel at a young age, where she completed her primary education and served in military intelligence unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force. She returned to Los Angeles to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from UCLA, and her master’s degree in Education and Non-Profit Management from American Jewish University. Over the next decade, she gained valuable experience both as an educator, a school administrator, and the director of a philanthropic institute. An innovative leader in the conservative movement, Marissa joined PragerU in 2011. Under her dynamic leadership, PragerU has grown quickly into one of the most respected, go-to resources for conservative ideas. Her experience in business, education, social media, and the non-profit sector has enabled PragerU to more than double its audience each year, making it the fastest growing conservative organization in the world.
How to contact Marissa Streit:

PragerU Website
PragerU Instagram