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The Hamilton Review

Jul 8, 2021

In this episode of the Hamilton Review, Dr. Bob has a great conversation with Rachel Mitchell, Founder of My Sweet Sleeper, certified pediatric sleep consultant and mom of seven children!

Rachel shares critical tips on sleep training and getting your baby (and toddler) to sleep. Sleep is essential to a family’s well being and happiness - you won’t want to miss this conversation.

Rachel’s bio in her words:

My name is Rachel Mitchell and I am the founder of My Sweet Sleeper. I am a certified Pediatric & Maternity Sleep Consultant, former night nanny, and mom of six (soon to be seven). My Sweet Sleeper was born shortly after I had my first child ten years ago when I realized how little information I received about sleep and how valuable this would have been going home with a brand new baby. Even with my experience working with children, I had no idea where to start when it came to getting my baby to sleep, and I felt worried that I would never get a good night’s rest again (and I know you probably share these thoughts, too). Since starting My Sweet Sleeper, I have worked with thousands of families all over the world and I have had the rewarding experience of helping their children sleep better. It truly is one of the most wonderful professions, and I genuinely look forward to each new family I get to be a part of.

When I’m not saving families from sleep deprivation, you can find me sipping hot coffee (half decaf), running along the beach, working in the yard, and hanging out with my husband and kiddos. We live just outside of Boston and are pretty much a modern day Brady Bunch with six kids between us + one on the way.

How to contact Rachel Mitchell:
My Sweet Sleeper Website