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The Hamilton Review

Mar 19, 2024

This week on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we are happy to welcome Dr. Blaine Leeds to the show. Dr. Leeds is a dentist, sleep health expert and the author of "What Happens When Our Children Don't Sleep?" In this conversation, Dr. Leeds discusses issues with children not breathing through their nose properly and an epidemic of sleep disordered breathing, which is linked to underdeveloped jaws. Dr. Leeds has appliances and treatment to help children breathe and sleep healthier. Don't miss this important episode!

Dr. Blaine Leeds is the leading provider who helps people smile and sleep! He has treated more telehealth patients than any provider in the world. He’s a practicing general dentist of 28 years, licensed in 12 states and an expert provider of clear aligner teeth straightening.  He is an expert in sleep health and has co-authored the much anticipated book, What Happens When Your Child Doesn’t Sleep: Unlock the Secret to Happy, Healthy Children. By embracing new technology and AI, Dr. Leeds has pioneered new treatments that have offered millions of Americans more access to dental care.

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