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The Hamilton Review

Jul 26, 2022

"What is happening right now with teens and drug use is unprecedented and historically we have never seen anything like this."

-Dr. Joseph Friedman 

Dr. Friedman sits down with Dr. Bob for a very important conversation about the alarming increase in teen overdose deaths related to fentanyl - especially in the last two years (fentanyl is being found in counterfeit drugs, which is very deadly). Dr. Friedman walks us through important, thorough information for parents about drug education for teens and how the knowledge could save a life. 

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Joseph Friedman, PhD, MPH, is a substance use researcher at UCLA and a trainee in the UCLA MSTP program. He completed a PhD in Social Medicine at the UCLA Center for Social Medicine and Humanities, and a master’s degree in public health from the University of Washington, focused on Global Health Metrics. Much of his current research focuses on the North American overdose crisis, tracking rapidly emerging trends and social inequalities. His peer-reviewed academic work has been published in journals including JAMA, Nature, and The Lancet, and his popular press writings have appeared in venues such as the Los Angeles Times and Time Magazine. 

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