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The Hamilton Review

Jul 25, 2023

We are happy to welcome Dr. Paul Austin to The Hamilton Review Podcast!  Dr. Austin is a orthodontist based in Santa Monica, CA and the founder of Paul Austin Orthodontics.

In this conversation, Dr. Austin shares his extensive background in the field of orthodontics. In the second half of the conversation, Dr. Austin discusses important information for parents on developing a plan for their child's orthodontic care.

Enjoy this episode!

Dr. Paul Austin grew up in Del Mar, San Diego. He attended UCLA undergrad,  Harvard for DMD and MPH,  UCLA for Orthodontic and Pediatric Specialties.

Dr. Austin has two offices:  Simi Valley and Santa Monica and he has been practicing for 26 years. Dr. Austin and his wife Jill Live in Pacific Palisades and have three children:  McKenna, Caleb, and Brooklyn.

His hobbies are  Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Skateboarding and running after his kids.

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