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The Hamilton Review

May 16, 2023

We are happy to welcome Dr. Sue Chan, Veterinarian and author of "The Whisperers' Way", to The Hamilton Review Podcast! 

In this conversation, Dr. Bob and Dr. Chan discuss her background as a veterinarian, how animals affect children in the most beautiful way, and Dr. Chan shares the details of her book, "The Whisperers' Way.”

Don’t miss this great discussion!

Dr. Chan is Director of CETA Foundation/Phoenix Ranch where she is ranch mama to a herd of horses, flocks of sheep, parrots, chickens and ducks, a couple pigs, dogs and cows.  (website:

Her undergraduate studies in Zoology (Natural History and Adaptive Behavior) and Geography (Cultural and Environmental)(A.B.) were done at the University of California, Berkeley and her veterinary studies (D.V.M.-Food Animal Medicine, M.P.V.M.—Masters in Preventive Veterinary Medicine/Epidemiology) at the University of California, Davis.

How to contact Sue Chan:

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CETA Foundation/Phoenix Ranch on Facebook

Purchase Sue's book, The Whisperers' Way


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