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The Hamilton Review

Jan 31, 2023

Chris Lefevre, a Los Angeles based travel industry executive is on the Hamilton Review to talk all things family travel! Chris has traveled domestically and internationally with his wife and four children over the years with great success and a lot of fun.

Don't miss this informative and engaging conversation with Chris and Dr. Bob about planning and preparing to travel with your children joyfully.

Chris Lefevre is a travel industry executive whose personal background naturally led him to building a career in the field. Born in a multi-cultural family and having lived in France, Canada, and the US by the age of 9, travel is in his DNA! Currently Vice President for BCD Travel and Advisor to the Board of Directors at the Los Angeles Business Travel Association, Chris' primarily responsibility at BCD is the success of his corporate clients' travel needs and of his team members who support them. He started his career as a leisure travel agent in Venice, California, and to this day is always excited to guide his family and friends in booking their next trip. Chris is happy married with Diana, who was born and raised in Italy, and the proud father of 4 children who are growing too quickly. He and his family enjoy taking trips to surf warmer (sometimes colder!) water, camping, skiing, hiking, and visiting families in Europe.

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