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The Hamilton Review

Aug 15, 2023

This week on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we are very happy to welcome Ginny Yurich to the show! Parents, this is a must listen episode with Ginny, who is the founder of the "1000 Hours Outside" global movement. Ginny has a podcast, book (Ginny's new book, "Until The Streetlights Come On" is available for pre-order now!) and a website that shares helpful tools for parents to guide them in the quest to get their children outside.

In this conversation with Dr. Bob and his daughter Emily, Ginny paints a rich and beautiful perspective about the benefits of getting your children outside. 

Enjoy this conversation!

Hi! I'm Ginny.  My husband Josh and I are parents to five children ages 12 and under and we reside in Southeast Michigan.  Throughout our journey of parenthood we have consistently seen city, county, and state parks, as well as trails, campsites, and nature-scapes in general, nearly devoid of children most of the time. About five years ago we started to ask ourselves a simple question: Why? With so much natural beauty all around us (even though we take it for granted at times) it seemed counterintuitive that so many outdoor spaces were just empty.


With that question of “why” still unanswered, we did some research and read that striving for a goal of 4-6 hours of outside time within a day (what!?!?) was an ideal amount of time for children to spend, well, outside. This seemed excessive to us and quite frankly, way too long - most children's activities are at most an hour (like a library program) and, many times, much less. BUT, we tried it. And you know what? We have not looked back. Our greatest times as a family, and my most successful times mothering almost exclusively point back to these fully immersive nature days. In time, we began to find that there is benefit upon benefit to this wonderful time outside. 

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