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The Hamilton Review

May 17, 2022

Join us for the latest episode of The Hamilton Review Podcast! In this conversation, Dr. Bob has a great conversation with Marlene Dandler, Founder of Seashore Academy. Marlene Sheehan Dandler started Seashore Academy at her kitchen table in 2011. Since then, Seashore has been known for not only it’s high-quality academics but it’s a custom schooling module. Parents may drop off from 1 to 5 days per week, and 100% of the students are legally homeschooled. Seashore offers robust academics, patriotic uniforms, intimate class sizes, zero screen time (No chrome books! No tablets! No smart phones!) & a joy-filled learning environment.
In addition, Seashore students are taught traditional values including the Pledge of Allegiance, respect for teachers, respect and kindness for each other, hard work, discipline, integrity and inclusiveness.

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