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The Hamilton Review

Feb 15, 2022

Join us for the latest episode of The Hamilton Review Podcast! In this conversation, Dr. Bob has a great discussion with David Iglesias, Director, Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics and Economics, Wheaton College.

David shares his successful, intriguing story as a state prosecutor and civil rights defense attorney, including his time in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba defending a marine (which inspired the movie "A Few Good Men"). David also talks with Dr. Bob about the national debt crisis in our country, including student loan debt and how it impacts our children. 

We hope you enjoy this conversation!

David Iglesias’ 30+ year legal career has been exceptionally diverse and global; United States Attorney, U.S. Navy JAG Officer, White House Fellow, college professor, political economy think tank director, state prosecutor, military war crimes/terrorism prosecutor and spokesman, rule of law instructor in Latin America, Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia; civil rights defense attorney, state-wide political candidate, and criminal defense attorney (represented legendary Navy SEAL Team Commanding Officer Dick Marcinko). He also defended a Marine in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba that partially inspired the hit movie “A Few Good Men”, was named to Esquire Magazine’s 2009 “Best and Brightest” list and authored the book In Justice. Son of missionaries and raised tri-cultural and tri-lingual in Panama and New Mexico. Retired Navy JAG Captain Iglesias is a graduate of a public high school in Santa Fe, Wheaton College and the University of New Mexico School of Law. (2 January 2019).

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