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The Hamilton Review

Sep 22, 2020

"The happiest people I know are grateful."
– Dr. Gary Brown

In this conversation, Dr. Bob and Dr. Gary Brown have a wonderful and informative conversation centering around his article, "7 Relationship Conversations for the Next COVID Challenges." During this unique time of living through a pandemic, Dr. Brown gives us some wonderful ways to connect with your partner, deal with your emotions during this unprecedented time and much more. Don't miss this important discussion!

Dr. Gary Brown is a licensed psychotherapist in Los Angeles. He holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology. He is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

In private practice for over 25 years, he thoroughly enjoys working
with individuals, singles, and couples as they navigate through the
normal developmental phases of life including adolescence,
adulthood, dating, courtship, marriage, and parenthood.

In addition to relationship counseling, he also utilizes multiple
approaches to aid in the treatment of anxiety and depression in
both adolescents and adults.

His passion to be a strong advocate for his clients is unbounded.

As a prominent therapist in Los Angeles, he is passionate about
encouraging and mentoring the current and emerging generation
of therapists.

He is a prolific writer on relationship issues including dating,
falling in love, living together, courtship, marriage, and family.

Dr. Brown has been published in numerous journals as well as
being quoted, interviewed for, and featured in over 450 articles in
almost 142 publications representing various media outlets

NBC News
Elite Daily
Time Magazine
Reader’s Digest

Dr. Brown is the recipient of numerous local, national, and
international awards, honors, and commendations for his ongoing
contributions in the field of counseling and volunteerism during
major disasters.

Working for the last four mayoral administrations, he was recently
presented with a long scroll commendation from the entire City
Council of Los Angeles, for what Mayor Eric Garcetti described as
Dr. Brown’s “exceptionally impressive and ongoing commitment to
community service”.

Dr. Brown lives with his wife in West Los Angeles. They have
three children and a granddaughter.

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