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The Hamilton Review

Nov 11, 2021

Join us for the latest episode of The Hamilton Review Podcast! In this conversation, Dr. Bob sits down with George Damascus, his business partner and the co-founder of Hamilton Babies. George and Dr. Bob discuss the origins of developing Hamilton Babies, details on the plant based products for babies & kids and so much more.

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George Damascus Bio:

Some would call it love at first site! George and Dr. Bob first met when George and his wife were in the hospital delivering their baby girl and Dr. Bob was their pediatrician. “Our daughter Karissa was the inspiration and introduction to an amazing friendship and collaboration between Dr. Hamilton and my family.”

For over 20 years, George has been formulating and developing high quality and highly effective skin and hair care products to the medical, aesthetic, and retail markets. He has contributed to developing products for several top brands, hundreds of doctors offices and has developed over 150 products in his career. 

The idea for Hamilton Babies was conceived when George became a father and felt that there were few skin and hair care products that he felt comfortable giving to his son and daughter. He and Dr. Bob came to the realization that they could combine their respective experiences and expertise to fill this gap in the market. Hamilton Babies is their passion project. 

 How to contact George Damascus:

Hamilton Babies 

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