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The Hamilton Review

Jul 19, 2021

In this episode of the Hamilton Review, Dr. Bob has a great conversation with Jenna Rude, founder of Raised on Plants. Jenna has a wonderful story and shares with the audience creative ways to provide a plant based lifestyle for your family.

Jenna is filled with insightful ideas on how to incorporate more delicious fruits, veggies and whole foods in an easy, accessible and simple way. You'll find yourself jotting down notes and getting excited about changing the way you and your family eat on a daily basis.

Don’t miss this great conversation!

Jenna is a wife, mom, and the founder of Raised on Plants! At the age of 25 she leveled up her passion project to her dream career by achieving the position of National Marketing Director with a multi-billion dollar global wellness company and continues today, via her family's Health Made Simple PRO platform, leading a global team of over 2,000 influencers to build and scale successful businesses rooted in their passions. Thanks to this plant powered movement and the recent launch of Raised on Plants, she is curating and spreading education, events, valued content, and resources as well as hosting fun cooking classes and meal prep parties for anyone interested in simply living a more plant based lifestyle! She loves choreographing all forms of dance, traveling to blue water, pretending to be like Joanna Gaines, and long Italian dinners, in addition to deeply believing that the power of plants, community, kindness, faith and a little girl power can change the world.

Connect with Jenna on Instagram @JennaLeeRude!

For her books, classes, coaching, and favorite plant based products visit or @RaisedonPlants on all social platforms!

To collaborate or partner with her community as a PRO visit

How to contact Jenna Rude:

Raised on Plants Instagram 

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