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The Hamilton Review

Aug 17, 2021

In this episode of the Hamilton Review, Dr. Bob has a wonderful conversation with Talitha Phillips, CEO of Claris Health. Talitha shares her journey into becoming the CEO of Claris Health, a position she has held for the past twenty years. Talitha also discusses all the resources that Claris Health provides for women (and men) in the greater Los Angeles community and beyond.

Enjoy this great conversation and share with your friends and family!

Talitha Phillips was originally introduced to Claris Health as a client who witnessed the organization’s life-changing work firsthand. She has now served as the CEO for twenty years, spearheading the transition from a small resource center to a licensed medical clinic with sites in West and South LA as well as a mobile clinic that brings care to underserved communities throughout LA County.  

Throughout the past decades, Talitha has remained an instrumental advocate for children, born and yet-to-be born, and has implemented a model of care that addresses racial and health disparities especially among people of color. Claris' approach to medical, counseling, and support services cares for women and families before, during, and after unintended or other challenging pregnancies. Before joining Claris Health in 2001, Talitha worked at the United States Senate in Washington D.C. and holds a  B.A. in Organizational Communication from Pepperdine University.
Talitha lives in Los Angeles with her two daughters.  As a family, they advocate for underserved children, foster youth, and adoption, and they have led numerous teams to Uganda, Africa to work with orphans and victims of violence and human trafficking.
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