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The Hamilton Review

Oct 10, 2023

This week on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we welcome Theresa Armour to the show. In this incredibly powerful and raw discussion, Theresa shares the hidden horrors of child trafficking, the new foundation she has created to help support and rehabilitate child victims (Blue Heart Warriors Foundation) and what we can do to help. Don't miss this critical conversation!

Dedicated to the concept and action of serving, Theresa Armour has built her life’s work to serve the physical and emotional well-being of others. A University of California, Berkeley graduate, she opened the first Burke Williams Day Spa in 1984 with her husband, Bill. Together, they created a new landscape for health and wellness, introducing the original “urban day spa” and pioneering a new market in the United States. Visionaries in their industry, Theresa and Bill opened the first Burke Williams in Brentwood, California, after visiting spas abroad. Over the last three decades, they’ve built a trusted and respected brand comprised of 10 day spas across California, the exclusive H2V skin care line, a massage-only concept Simply Massage, and the new BW Med+Spa. A haven for renewal, elegance, and beauty, Theresa has created a sanctuary where transformation and balance are priorities. A Southern California native and mother of three, Theresa is proud to be the founder of a family-owned and operated company.

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