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The Hamilton Review

Nov 22, 2022

This week on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we welcome Dr. Samara Kester  to the show! Dr. Kester is a retired ER doctor, who is now the treasurer of Quiet Parks International. Quiet Parks International is a non-profit committed to saving quiet for the benefit of all life.

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Dr. Samara Kester is the treasurer of Quiet Parks International, the only not-for-profit organization whose mission is to save quiet for all of life. Dr. Kester's early years were involved in music, playing in orchestras and bands.  Later, she became a physician practicing Emergency Medicine for the last 35 years, having retired last fall.  Dr. Kester has been involved in the protection of quiet for well over 15 years, including as president of the One Square Inch of Silence Foundation, founded by Gordon Hempton, and most recently participating on the board of Quiet Parks International.  In addition to acting as treasurer, Dr. Kester's skills and experience in the field of medicine enable her to directly focus on health and wellbeing, with is profoundly affected by extraneous noise.

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