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The Hamilton Review

Dec 20, 2022

Dr. Bob sits down with the Senior Pastor of Door Church in Tuscon, AZ - Pastor Harold Warner. Pastor Warner and Dr. Bob have a meaningful conversation about the importance of Christmas. We hope you enjoy this special holiday conversation. Merry Christmas, friends!

About Pastor Warner:

Pastor Harold Warner gave his life to Jesus Christ on November 15th, 1970 in Prescott, Arizona. He had a radical conversion experience, taking him from a young hippie coasting through life to a young man filled with the Holy Spirit. Despite a tragic car accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down, he and his wife Mona responded to God’s call to minister the Gospel in Tucson, Arizona.

Door Church extends the vision of the Great Commission to reach the lost with an ongoing church planting ministry that extends across the U.S. and into 50+ nations worldwide. Pastor Warner faithfully serves as senior pastor to the same congregation that he and Mona started in 1973. His greatest joy is seeing precious souls redeemed by Jesus Christ, both in Tucson and around the world.

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