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The Hamilton Review

Jan 2, 2024

To begin 2024 on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we are honored to have author and businesswoman, Suzanne Heywood on the show! Suzanne has an incredibly compelling story about living her childhood on a sailboat with her family. Suzanne recounts the journey in her wonderful, international bestselling book, "Wavewalker: Breaking Free." 

You will not want to miss this fascinating conversation about how Suzanne survived and ultimately thrived very successfully in her life as an author and businesswoman.

SUZANNE HEYWOOD was born in the UK but for most of her childhood sailed around the world with her family, with limited access to formal education. She came back to the UK aged 17 and won a place to study at Oxford University. She is now the Chief Operating Officer of Exor. She married the late civil servant Jeremy Heywood in 1997 and they have three children. She is the international bestselling author of What Does Jeremy Think?, and Wavewalker: Breaking Free

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