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The Hamilton Review

Dec 19, 2023

This week on The Hamilton Review Podcast, we are celebrating Christmas! Merry Christmas week friends and we hope you are having a beautiful holiday season. It is our pleasure to welcome BACK for the second time to the show, Laurel Gallucci! If you missed the first conversation which aired in 2020, go back to episode 51 HERE to hear Laurel's first conversation with Dr. Bob.

In this conversation, Laurel chats with Dr. Bob about the enchantment and wonder of Christmas, including some special holiday traditions that she shares with her family. Later on, Laurel talks about her successful business, Sweet Laurel and how the business idea came to fruition. This conversation is bursting with joy - something to listen to while wrapping presents, baking or rushing around this holiday season. Enjoy!

Laurel Gallucci has baked delicious treats since she could turn on the oven. After she was diagnosed with an aggressive autoimmune disorder and her doctor put her on a strict diet, she started creating recipes of her own and turned her test kitchen into Sweet Laurel, a bakery dedicated to making baked goods and products free of grains, refined sugar and dairy, and full of decadent flavor. Laurel leads business and product development at Sweet Laurel, and lives with her husband Nick and two boys, Nico and Cal in Los Angeles, CA.

Find out more about Sweet Laurel on, visit our cake shop in Pacific Palisades, CA or find our products nationwide in Sprouts, and locally in Southern California at Bristol Farms, Erewhon, Whole Foods, Lazy Acres and Mother’s Market.

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