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The Hamilton Review

Mar 21, 2023

We are happy to welcome Dr. Yvonne Bohn to The Hamilton Review Podcast! Dr. Bohn is an OBGYN in Santa Monica, CA. In this conversation, Dr. Bohn covers a variety of topics including: genetic testing pre pregnancy, vaccinations and vitamins before and during pregnancy, preparing the body for pregnancy, at risk pregnancies, safe delivery and much more.

Enjoy this important conversation!

Yvonne Bohn M.D. is very passionate about her work, believes strongly in preventive medicine, moderation, and most importantly, being fit and eating well. She provides comprehensive health care to women of all stages of their reproductive life ranging from onset of menses, through pregnancy, menopause, and post-menopause. She offers management for contraception, menopause, diagnosing and treating pelvic tumors, infertility and provides prenatal care and delivery.

Dr. Bohn initially worked as an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC. Then, with two colleagues, she participated in a reality medical series called “Deliver Me” on Discovery Health and the Own Network. During that time they wrote “The Mommy Doc’s Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy and Birth.”

Outside of work, Dr. Bohn loves to spend time with her husband and two children. She enjoys being active and counts running, hiking, skiing, biking and among her favorite activities. She loves gardening, going to farmer’s markets and making home cooked meals for family and friends.

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