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The Hamilton Review

Apr 28, 2020

Dr. Chrystyna Kouros is the Associate Professor Of Psychology and The Director of The Family Health and Development Lab at Southern Methodist University.

In Dr. Kouros’ research, she studies how the quality of the family environment contributes to adolescents’ socio-emotional development, with a specific interest in adolescent depression. Among family factors, Dr. Kouros studies the overall quality of family relationships, and has more specific interests in children’s exposure to everyday interparental conflict and parental depression, as well as exposure to helicopter parenting among emerging adults. The motivation underlying her research is to use the findings to develop a program of family-based preventive interventions to improve and strengthen the lives of children and families.

In this episode, Dr. Kouros and Dr. Bob have an in depth discussion about helicopter parenting. Helicopter parenting is a level of involvement in your child's life that is developmentally inappropriate.

They also talk about how helicopter parenting inhibits a child's crucial skills in regards to:

– Problem solving
– Regulating their behavior
– Decision making

This is a very interesting and informative discussion that every parent needs to hear.